For Brides

The members of High Definition Band pride ourselves in the treatment of our brides. We walk with you step by step with the understanding that your wedding is a defining moment in your life and you want your day to be special. We usually begin our conversation through e-mail (contact us now !) and follow up, if the bride so chooses, with a face to face meeting.
Some frequently asked questions are:

How many members are in your band?

HighDef Band is comprised of 6 core members with the option of adding 2 horn players. We also add our Sound Tech and our Light Tech when discussing booking. Additional players available upon contract.

How much is it to hire HighDef Band?

HighDef formulates quotes based on a few key details. For instance:

    • Is the wedding inside the Dallas/ Fort Worth range (or in any mid-cities) or will members have to travel? HighDef considers travel to be more than 30 minutes outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth range. Weddings more than three hours outside of the DFW range may require overnight accommodation.
    • How many players are you looking to hire? Would you prefer our basic band package? Or would you like to liven it up by adding extra players?
    • When is the wedding? Does it fall on a Friday or Saturday, or will you be having a Sunday afternoon wedding?

All of these questions are taken into account when creating a quote for our brides.

Will you MC my wedding?

Absolutely! When creating your entertainment experience, we want to make sure you are as at ease as possible.

Does HighDef Band work with Wedding Planners?

We prefer it if we can. Working with Planners and Coordinators gives us an opportunity to get advanced information from someone whose job it is to make sure your event is organized, and also gives us a point person to direct questions to the week prior to or day of your event.

Will you play requests for first dances?

Yes. HighDef band is comprised of professionally trained musicians. We can learn any song in any key for your special first dance provided you send us your requests no later than one month prior to the date of your event.

Do you play Jazz or Dinner Music?

Yes! High Definition Band can provide a full set of Jazz and/or Dinner Music.

High Definition band is extremely accommodating and we love working for our brides. If you think you might like to open a dialogue or seek a quote with HighDef Band, please click here to e-mail us. Need to do more research? No problem, check out our demossong list, or video. You may also check out our calendar to find a HighDef band performance near you.

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